October 26th

The Campaign hosted a Stand at the IdeasSpace Fringe during the SNP Conference in Glasgow 13/15th October. The event was a success and attracted many visitors, particularly at times when the resolutions were not very inspiring... Commonweal will be running more such events in the future.
We made some important new friends and contacts and signed up many new supporters and made preliminary arrangement for several Public Meetings to be held across Scotland over the coming months - details here.
Incidentally, if you requested details about these meetings and did not hear from us then you may have been one of the several email addresses we were unable to decipher
By the end of November co author of Moving On Andy Anderson expects to have doubled his programme of Ambassador Training via local discussion groups. Dr John Bratton an education specialist should also have completed our Distance Learning Course based on the text of Moving On, a course handbook and dvd. More later on this....
September 18th
We have opened a new online discussion forum at http://currency-reform.forumotion.co.uk/login
It is for all Campaigners no matter how much or how little you know about your money and the banking cartel. Please register and participate!
September 9th
The public meeting on 25th Aug attracted a full house and was very well organised by the Rutherglen YES Group, and particular thanks to Jim Stamper. Questions as always stimulated very constructive discussion and prompted some minor changes to the Campaign video ( view here). Some 25 copies of "Moving On" were sold and over 30 activists signed up to the Campaign.
August 7th 2016
The Rutherglen YES Group is hosting a Public Meeting on Thursday25th August at 7.00 pm. This is the launch of the Campaign and after showing the 23 minute video there will be an open Q&A/audience participation discussion. A "Question Time" style panel including the authors of 'Moving On' will endeavour to answer all questions. At -
Glencairn Venue,
151 Glasgow Rd,
G73 1ST

May 3oth 2016.
As at this date the administrator of the Policy Suggestion Page has not published this suggestion. Those of us concerned that SNP policy makers have placed Independence on the back burner in favour of a cosy deconvolution agenda mist draw their own conclusions as to why.

February 2016
The SNP recently launched this page (text reproduced below) on its Members website. Beneath it is the submission of our Campaign which was edited to 500 words.

"Your Policy Ideas"(no link - available only after member log in)
The most popular ideas are passed to our policy team for consideration
How does the process work?
The ability to influence policy is one of the main rights of any member of a political party. SNP members can currently do so through policy discussions at their local branch which can lead to resolutions being submitted to National Conference and National Council, the decision-making bodies of the party.

While these traditional methods of policy formation remain central to the SNP, the party is committed to being as open and accessible as possible. Part of this process is to develop new and innovative ways of sourcing policy ideas and generating discussion and debate.
With that in mind members now have access to a new online tool to facilitate policy development.

Members submit their idea by entering:
A title
Up to 500 words detailing your policy proposal.
A selection of the policy proposals submitted will then be published on the ‘Browse Ideas’ page.

Ideas considered for publication must be:
Consistent with the values of the SNP, so must not undermine the core values or overall policy direction of the party.
Non-discriminatory, so must not discriminate on the grounds of race, colour, gender, disability, religious belief or non-belief or sexual orientation.
Based on an issue which has not been considered by a recent National Council or National Conference.

The ‘Browse Ideas’ page will have a facility for other members to vote on ideas.

Any policy which garners 200 votes from fellow members will be passed on to our Party spokespeople for their consideration. These will then be removed from the website to allow a continuous refreshing of new ideas.
Proposals which reach the threshold do not become party policy at that point, and will still require to go through the decision-making process of the party before becoming official party policy.

Due to the number of submissions, we are unable to provide feedback on individual submissions.
The Campaign submission -
The SNP pre-referendum policy had, quite reasonably, been based upon sharing Sterling in what appeared to be a mutually beneficial partnership.
So its rejection by the Unionists completely wrong footed the YES campaign to the extent that the Ashcroft Pol held the day following the Referendum cited ‘concerns about the pound’ as by far (57% of all No voters), the main reason given for their decision.
It was a decisive stroke yet the absence of a coherent Monetary Policy remains a gaping hole in the case for independence. The longer this is ignored the more damaging this becomes.
Less obvious however was the significant cost to the UK Treasury if the gamble had failed. because in refusing to share the financial assets of Sterling they also retained all the associated financial liabilities, the principle of which is of course the National Debt.
It was a pyric victory because the Treasury was obliged to announced that the UK government would assume full responsibility for the bond market and the associated interest payments.
That lifts a substantial burden from all future Scottish budget. But more importantly it opens the door to a long overdue reappraisal of how we conduct our public finances. What was undoubtedly a set back in 2014 would prove an unparalleled advantage the next time round.
The Campaign for a Scottish Currency represents a worldwide movement to recapture financial sovereignty from the 1% and that implies our own domestic currency, Central Bank and a complete revision of the law governing commercial banks.
Reform starts with a re-appraisal of what we should expect from the universal fiat money system. It has no intrinsic value – it is a system for allocating useful goods and services within a currency regime which is guaranteed by all the people in the regime. It is a Constitutional function an its manipulation for private or corporate gain is not ‘enterprise’ but a serious offence against the public interest.
We call for a clear and unambiguous Monetary Policy proposal to be drafted by the SNP as a discussion document to be openly debated inside and outside Conference. This is no minor detail to be thought about ‘later’ and the sooner a sound monetary policy becomes woven into the fabric of independence the sooner there is a case for a second referendum.
Chapter and verse of an independent currency and the transition to the Scots Pound is fully detailed in “Moving On”. No one knows when the next financial crash will come but it will have even greater global repercussions than 2007/8. The countries which will survive best will be those where the domestic economy is not dependent upon external financial markets and intrigues. That becomes Scotland’s choice only when it controls its own domestic currency. That will not of itself create wise government, but it does create the conditions for wisdom.
Let Scotland stand ready well before the next financial crash
This is a shortened version of the proposal. There is more on the Scottish Monetary Reform website.
end of submission

If this is published and attracts a minimum of 200 votes it will be considered by the Executive.
We also suggest that SNP members might like to reinforce this initiative by submitting parallel resolutions to Conference through their branches. To this end we have drafted a suggestion, but of course this requires to be discussed within each branch and members may well wish to modify the wording.
The object is to convince the Executive that a substantial body of members wish to see this proposal well & truly on the agenda of future Conferences.

Draft Resolution -
Conference acknowledges the UKs unqualified refusal to share the financial assets of Sterling with an independent Scotland and therefore this cannot remain, even as an option, in any new proposal on Monetary Policy for an independent Scotland.
Having regard to the accompanying formal statement of the Treasury, backed by all Westminster Parties, that in the event of Scotland electing to leave the UK they alone would remain responsible for the financial liabilities of Sterling, so also it was acknowledged that as no share of financial assets would accrue to Scotland then, by definition, neither would the concomitant liabilities.
This means that an independent Scotland would start afresh with a clean slate and without the burden of National or Sovereign Debt. Nor would the new State be tied to the policies of the Bank of England or the interests of the City of London.
Conference therefore calls upon the Executive to appoint a Commission to consider the implications and opportunities this presents. In particular to report upon
I. the introduction of the Scots pound as the National domestic currency
II. the proposal that the currency, in all its forms, should be introduced into initial circulation free of systemic debt
III. the legal framework within which commercial banks would operate within Scottish jurisdiction
IV. whether or not these measures would be likely to provide the benefits suggested in the comprehensive texts published by’ The Campaign for a Scottish Currency’ and ‘Positive Money’.
May we also remind supporters that a PowerPoint presentation designed for SNP & YES Group branch meetings is available and can be viewed on the links page. It may also be possible to arrange a speaker to support this.
Thank you for your interest, and we are always happy to hear from supporters at voxpopten@gmail.com